Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:

Please e-mail us at touchingearth(at)riseup(dot)net and ask to be on the e-mail list for the latest events (as this site is not always so up-to-date!)

*Meditation group every Sunday at three pm (30 min. sitting, qigong/standing/walking, talk and shared meal). The current location is Kailash Ecovillage (4311 SE 37th Ave, Portland, OR).  Some of the Sunday talks are now recorded and posted on archive.org at this link – Touching Earth Talks

Summer Solstice Wilderness Retreat 2015

We just returned from our latest journey to Wy’east (Mt. Hood) having spent some contemplaive time up at treeline on Yocum Ridge.   (See photos on the wilderness trip page).  We plan on heading out for another excursion soon – if you’re interested in joining the adventure come tell us at a Sunday gathering, or contact us via e-mail at touchingearth(at)riseup(dot)net.

From the archive : some of our past events:

*Many wilderness retreats every summer since 2010 that are often considered powerful, even life-changing experiences.  In 2010 six of us climbed to the summit of Wy’east (Mt. Hood), and four of us did it again in 2014. We’ve had two trips where we circumambulated the mountain (2011 and 2014), and many where we’ve practiced at idealic locations above tree-line.  A few of us spent the summer bike touring all over western Washington, including a backpacking excursion in the Goat Rocks Wilderness (2013).  This summer we expect to have several week-long retreats high on Wy’east, our local mountain wilderness treasure.

*Seven Day Autumnal Equinox Retreat(2010) at Seureasa Korean Temple in Ranier, Oregon.

*A seven day retreat at Tryon Life Farm in southwest Portland.

*Many One Day Full Moon and New Moon Retreats 

*Several Nada Yoga (sound meditation) Nights  We usually start with silent sitting, and then begin to tone together with a drone acommpaniment.  Satya then begins to lead a  raga elaboration on voice, and often afterwards on the Indian flute.  For more about raga see the info on the practices page.

*Solstice/Buddha’s Awakening Retreat December 16th-22nd, 2009.

*Climate Justice Solidarity Fast – December 2009 We invite everyone to join us for any part of a four-day fast in solidarity with the Climate Justice Fast Movement, in downtown Portland, on the waterfront near the Hawthorne Bridge.   This is the first day of the Copenhagen Climate Conference.   See our activism page for more information.