As we don’t have a residential practice place at this time, we can’t offer a daily practice schedule for all to join.  We hope to be able to offer that in the future.  A few core members, however, continue to maintain a daily meditation practice schedule, and if you wish to join us, we invite you to attend our Sunday practice gatherings, currently at Kailash Ecovillage in SE Portland, and talk to us about logistics.

Sunday group currently meets at five pm every week at Kailash – 4311 SE 37th Ave.

We continue to offer retreats periodically, when there is sufficient interest and an apprpriate place is available.  These range form one-day sittings to week-long silent retreats, wilderness trips, and (sometime soon) three-month “Peaceful Dwelling” practice periods.  For information on the latest offerings, and to express what you’d be interested in, contact us at touchingearth(at)riseup(dot)net.  We can put you on the mailing list for weekly updates, if you’d like.

Here’s one example of what we used to do:

Winter Daily Schedule (2009/2010, at our former Hermitage)

  • 5 am    108 bows/ sitting/ chanting/ sitting
  • 7:00     open practice/exercise (asana yoga, qi gong, tai chi, nada yoga, etc…)
  • 8:3o     breakfast (informal/ silent)
  • 12:30    lunch (informal/silent)
  • Sunset chanting
  • 6:00     evening snack
  • 7:30     sitting x3/ nine bows

*Times are approximate

*Our zendo was always open for sitting

*Everything is offered free of charge

*Silence is observed each day from wake-up until the end of the morning schedule and after 7:30pm

*Sunday noon meditation group (30 min. sitting followed by qigong, walking, question/answer, an informal dinner, and often raga music at the end of the evening)

*Friday half day retreat ending after lunch

*No cell phone or internet use on grounds

*All sittings are approximately 40 min. unless otherwise specified

*If you bring food donations, please only vegan (no animal products) and no garlic, onions, or spicy foods.

*If you are interested in having more meditation/posture instruction or want to learn the zen style of eating we use during retreats please let us know and we can schedule a time.